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The FD Centre are the UK’s number one in part-time Finance Directors. We work with ambitious growth companies across all sectors, identifying every area of weakness within your current finance function and every potential opportunity.
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Freeman Clarke is a team of "fractional" (part-time) IT directors for SMEs.  Ambitious businesses of any size need outstanding IT leadership, but for smaller organisations it is simply not practical or cost-effective to employ a first-rate IT Director full-time. We help our clients manage costs and suppliers, drive growth and innovation, and provide peace of mind.
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Your Right Hand Finance Team services span the entire accounting and finance process, helping you increase your profits, improve your cash flow and giving you peace of mind that all the accounting bases are covered.
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People problems are often the biggest single factor holding companies back from growth. People Puzzles has a team of experienced, HR professionals hand-picked for their proven ability to increase revenue and reduce costs.
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Vistage brings together successful senior executives into confidential peer-advisory groups. Vistage helps CEOs and business leaders improve team engagement and effectiveness, become more resourceful and discover the leader within. 20,000 Vistage members also have access to confidential 121 executive coaching, expert speaker workshops and our global network of members.
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The British Private Equity & Venture Capital Association (BVCA) is the industry body and public policy advocate for the private equity and venture capital industry in the UK.   Their aim is to aid understanding around the activities of its members, promote the industry to entrepreneurs and investors as well as to Government, the EU, trade unions, international media and the general public.
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The Marketing Centre, South Africa  The Marketing Centre provides part-time Marketing Director services across South Africa.   Because your business deserves access to a qualified Marketing Professional. We’re here to help entrepreneurs and business owners realise their goals and aspirations for success through the power of effective marketing.
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