How We Work

Marketing is all about delivering enhanced value to a business, whether that’s increasing the number of leads, improving customer retention, or developing brand equity. We see it as a simple process: Defining. Finding. Winning. Keeping.

Our Regional Directors will work with you to understand what you need to achieve. We then match these requirements to the specific expertise of one of our Marketing Directors. That Marketing Director will work as part of your management team.

Your Marketing Director begins by working through our Marketing 360 process with you, this builds our understanding quickly and finds quick wins for your business too. Looking at the wider commercial perspective of your business ‘in the round’ enables us to ensure all activity is aligned towards your goals. We use our proven Marketing 360 process to keep every aspect of marketing working as effectively as possible and deliver what’s needed.

The benefit of working with the Marketing Centre is that, unlike consultants, our Marketing Directors truly become a long term member of your team, helping to drive change and deliver results from within your own organisation. Working with you, they make things happen.

Most importantly, our Marketing Directors are focused on generating return on investment. We measure results against agreed targets – and aim to pay for ourselves many times over in tangible, profitable improvements.

An added bonus is that your Marketing Director can also draw from the expertise of our entire team. Together we have thousands of years of experience; that expertise, when combined with our Little Black Book of contacts, means that there is quite simply no area of marketing that we cannot advise you on.

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