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A unique series of five breakfast workshop events that will stimulate growth in your business.  Everything you need to successfully drive your organisation through the growth phase of its business lifecycle.

Come to one or all five events for a small £20 charitable donation to local charity, DABD who provide support for vulnerable people of all ages and abilities. 


What you can expect: 

At the end of these sessions you will have a strategic way forward to steer your business to the growth you’re looking for. 

Conveniently arranged from 08.00 - 10.00am you’ll cover leadership, strategy, successful profiling, and finance options.  The subject experts in this series cover the five essential principles of business growth.  Meet highly experienced and like-minded people and develop you own individual plan for your business - in just 10 hours over five months. 

Who should attend? 

This series of events is suitable for any business leader looking to grow from low millions to +£10m.



Most business owners and leaders would say that they face a wide range of issues all of which seem to demand more time and money.  Effective management and alignment of your business plan, strategy and tactics will help you to define your growth path and stay on track.

With The Marketing Centre’s Strategic Growth Series you’ll learn how to improve customer acquisition and retention, develop accounting and management information systems and increase the value of your business.

If you are struggling to grow your business, or you’re experiencing strong growth and need to control and sustain it, and would like to tap into proven successful strategies, these events are for you.

Come and join us and get on the path to driving growth in your business.

How many events to attend?

It is beneficial to attend all five sessions, however you can attend as many or as few as you need to.  


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Which Charity is this Supporting?

dabdDABD help people of all ages, often with disabilities or with difficult personal circumstances, to be more independent and improve the quality of their lives. They offer a range of services from their Kids Patch Clubs for children with disabilities to their care facility for people who cannot live on their own. The transport service they offer is an invaluable lifeline for many older and infirm individuals whilst  the DABD welfare and financial independence team provide advice and advocacy for individuals and families. DABD also have an education services and employment team  who help get people into the workplace so that they can be self sufficient.



For more information or questions about these events please contact Karen Winter MCIM, Marketing Director 07815 128886 or email here.


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