Ann Davis

Ann Davis

Role: Marketing Director
Region: East Midlands

Ann is a highly experienced B2C and B2B International Marketing Director with over 20 years of professional experience in all aspects of marketing, leading, directing and executing multi-channel strategies in line with her customers’ business objectives.

She has worked in various European countries and the EMEA community and has developed and implemented marketing strategies, customer segmentation, lifecycle mapping, lead generation, marketing team build and restructure

Her industry sector background includes construction, office products, charities and utilities. She has a proven track record in achieving customer acquisition, growth, retention and advocacy and is passionate about customer experience and relationship management


Spirax Sarco

Developed new EMEA marketing strategy, marketing excellence framework and team coaching and development

South Thames Marketing

Developed customer segmentation, lifecycle mapping and lead generation proposition

Franklin Covey

Led the creation and build of a new marketing proposition to support a new product launch for the consumer retail market

Office Depot/Viking

New eCRM/CRM marketing strategy and implementation of programme for customers from acquisition to retention – increasing in growth of 15% and customer retention of 25%. Restructure of marketing teams into a centralised function

Swan Innovations

Developed a new marketing planning process in line with sales strategy to increase customer retention and streamline efficiency in the manufacturing plant – increase in production rate of 25%


Development and execution of new marketing strategy and 18-month marketing and social media plan. New customer data hub and customer journey programme improving performance by 20%


Led and directed a new marketing process to gather gift aid from sponsors. Achieved cost savings of 40% by moving from data capture to scanning

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