Mark Hodson

Mark Hodson

Role: Marketing Director
Region: London

Mark is an experienced marketer, with both broad and deep levels of marketing skills. He is able to work on strategic brand and commercial projects as well as deliver marketing execution across multiple channels, be it Paid Search, Social Media, Direct Mail or brand building TV campaigns. He is data driven and analytical, but passionate about brands.

He has focused on working with smaller, faster, entrepreneurial businesses that are looking for a step change in their growth across B2B and B2C industries. He brings energy, passion, creativity, direction, analytical rigour, as well as a sense of humour to a team.


Service Animals
Started marketing from scratch, building a website, setting up performance marketing and developing a Sales CRM for a B2B SaaS scale-up targeting HR professionals.

CMO for a B2C scale-up, driving growth through brand, performance marketing & sales development.  Lowered customer acquisition cost and developed their first integrated brand campaign.

Led Marketing & Sales for B2B/C SaaS letting agency. Doubled customer acquisition whilst simultaneously halving cost.  Built entire marketing system including attribution models, CRM, real time reporting and creative relaunch.
CMO, leading marketing, PR, product and analytics. 
Defined a compelling brand proposition, subsequent creative development and doubled brand awareness through targeted & tested TV campaigns.

Marketing Director for UK & Ireland, responsible for driving business acquisition and consumer engagement.  Developed the PayPal brand from an eBay ‘after thought’ to the most preferred online payment brand in the UK.
Pioneered numerous marketing initiatives to achieve targets, including proving ROI of offline advertising, sophisticated dynamic email campaigns, and doubling search conversion

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