Rebound and build


Get strategic help for your business, for immediate impact.

We have a structured set of 3 modules that will help you get your previous sales levels back up, develop a new marketing and sales strategy to find new customers quickly, and prepare for the possibility of future crisis.

Power up, Rebound & Build Resilience

We aim to make an almost immediate impact on your business using tools that get the quickest and most effective results, and by ensuring that there are clear outputs, costs and timescales. 



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Phase 1 - Power Up 

This generally takes 2-3 weeks and will ensure that you really understand where you are, and how your business fits into the marketplace coming out of lockdown.
We will research your customers, competitors and your products in order to really understand what has changed.
We are then able to develop a clear communications strategy to both existing customers and your supplier base in order to get your existing business back to work and the sales funnel filling up again.
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Phase 2 - Rebound

Phase 2 takes 2-3 weeks and during that time we take a look at new business opportunities and by using the key tools we have developed, we will ensure that your business is ready to find and deliver to new customers, either through existing products or entirely new ones.



Screenshot 2020-06-11 11.56.42Phase 3 - Build Resilience

Phase 3 includes a sales/communications strategy gap analysis and scenario analysis to ensure that your business has all the capability needed to sustain it moving forwards in case of any future crisis.
This will include training your teams on how to develop sales leads virtually, ensuring your CRM system is up to scratch, that your digital capability and investment is efficient and working well for the business no matter what.
We will work with you and the team to put clear measurements around retention activities and team metrics when working virtually.