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Our method has been fine tuned through the years whilst working with many mid-size businesses. This results in you finding the best Marketing Director for your company and your culture. So how does this work?

The Marketing Centre's approach diagram
The Marketing Centre's approach diagram


Business owners can become confused about marketing and that’s totally understandable. Between marketing consultant’s jargon and your sales team potentially considering marketing as part of their departmental function, it can become difficult to know how to move forward effectively. In fact, marketing results can lack focus or consistency, both in implementation and in measurement.

The Marketing Centre approach does away with all these confusing elements, encapsulated through our approach of marketing in a straight forward matrix, called the Marketing 360.

360 marketing diagram


  • Baywater Healthcare is an independent specialist provider of Homecare services to patients with long term conditions. It recently engaged one of our part-time Marketing Director's to help upskill its marketing team and bolster its marketing efforts with positive results.  "Our engagement with The Marketing Centre has provided our junior team…

    Network Space, commercial asset and property management company engaged with The Marketing Centre to reposition its brand and execute its marketing strategy.  Click here to hear what they had to say about working with us..  “It was always our intention to improve the quality, efficiency and effectiveness of our marketing…

Business Insights

  • Having trouble measuring your marketing ROI? Automation and analysis tools can help. While it’s often claimed that measuring marketing ROI - especially in digital marketing - is difficult, such tools will help your marketing function to measure and demonstrate the effectiveness of their activity with accuracy and reliability.  But that’s…

    Customer retention versus customer acquisition: It’s a battle for the ages.  We know that keeping loyal customers can be easier and more profitable than finding new ones. Yet, many businesses still dedicate more resources to acquisition.  It’s vital that you balance your focus on customer acquisition with customer retention. Your…

    Businesses with properly aligned sales and marketing teams sell far more often at a higher profit margin. When our part-time Marketing Directors arrive in a new business, they’re often asked for marketing strategies to increase sales. As they look into improving the sales process, though, they actually find that the…

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