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Our method has been fine tuned through the years whilst working with many mid-size businesses. This results in you finding the best part-time Marketing Director for your company and your culture. So how does this work?



Tell us your business challenges.



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Case Studies

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Our Marketing 360 Diagnostic

Business owners can become confused about marketing and that’s totally understandable. Between marketing consultant’s jargon and your sales team potentially considering marketing as part of their departmental function, it can become difficult to know how to move forward effectively. In fact, marketing results can lack focus or consistency, both in implementation and in measurement.

The Marketing Centre approach does away with all these confusing elements, encapsulated through our approach of marketing in a straight forward matrix, called the Marketing 360.

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Business Insights

  • Just about every campsite and seaside town in the UK is overflowing with holiday-makers. Lanzarote may be off the cards for this year - for most of us at least - but that’s not to say we can’t holiday closer to home. Or even enjoy a staycation. If you’re wondering…

    The ‘Seven Ps’ and the ‘Four Pillars' of marketing are useful models to understand the marketing department’s role and the key responsibilities of any marketing team. Many business owners struggle to define what marketing is, even the ones that run successful companies.  Marketing teams get involved in a lot of…

    A lot of people think that marketing is all about the long-term. If you need short-term results, you should speak to sales. But while it’s true that marketing often works towards long-term goals, it can drive short-term growth. A PPC push, an email re-engagement campaign, a limited time offer -…

Where does it hurt?

We want to help. Tell us where you feel your business needs some marketing support, we’ll arrange a chat for you with your local Regional Director to talk this through with you and also give you some advice to get you started through one of our best practice marketing guides.

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