Case Study

Consumables Solutions: Reigniting the brand and attracting more customers

Jonathan Hall, Managing Director of Consumables Solutions, a workplace supplies and management solutions business, discusses how we helped the company revamp their brand image and expand their customer base.


Consumables Solutions, an industrial distributor, had an outdated website with too much text and no visual appeal. They needed a fresh approach to engage with their customers and stand out in a competitive market. They were looking for a solution that would help them increase their brand visibility and attract more potential customers.


Consumables Solutions engaged with The Marketing Centre, and our part-time marketing director, Christine Durkin, to address their challenges. Christine started by defining a strategy for the company and identifying the right target audience. She then worked on creating a unique brand image that would appeal to potential customers.

One of the most innovative ideas was the creation of Mr. Winky, a superhero character that was used to represent the brand. This visual concept was so bold and different that the whole business was rebranded to keep up with it. 

Christine also worked on a number of other tactical projects, which helped the company tell their story and engage with their customers in a more exciting way. 



Christine helped Consumables Solutions transform their marketing strategy, resulting in a new brand image and website that engaged potential customers.
The company successfully rebranded and launched a new business, thanks to the work Christine delivered over a three-year engagement.
The value added to the business was immense, as evidenced by the increased number of potential customers engaging with the company.
"Christine Durkin is a fantastic asset to your business and ours. She is insightful, responsive, driven, and she feels very much a part of our business despite being an outsourced resource."
Jonathan Hall, Managing Director

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