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Fisher Jones Greenwood: Investing in training to increase ROI

The Marketing Centre helps Fisher Jones Greenwood Solicitors to meet its five year vision by developing a robust and actionable marketing strategy.

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  • Limited proactivity within and limited direction given to the marketing department.
  • Partners unclear about marketing activities and outcomes.
  • Strategic vision proved difficult to translate into a marketing plan.
  • No firm-wide USP and unclear market positioning.
  • Needed to attract new clients and increase revenue to meet 2021 goals.
  • Marketing activity was not measured.




  • Implement monthly team meetings and circulate the minutes to promote transparency and accountability.
  • Create an actionable marketing strategy.
  • Create value propositions for agreed target markets, review branding, positioning and brand values.
  • Help the firm to transition from being sales-led to marketing-led.
  • Introduce KPIs to measure marketing performance.





A motivated team that demonstrates their talents with the help of clear direction and a measurable marketing plan.


Greater local brand awareness and recall.


A stream of new business leads in specialist, niche segments because of targeted and integrated campaigns.


A measurement system in place to gauge success and ROI of marketing tactics.


Informed partners who believe that marketing will bring benefits and contribute towards growth plans.

"The Marketing Centre has transformed the quality, professionalism and effectiveness of the firm’s marketing and invested our marketing team with new skills and aptitudes which have increased the return on our marketing spend substantially. We really feel we are on top of and in control of our marketing now."
Tony Fisher, Senior Partner

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