Case study

Huntington & Langham Estate: Refocusing marketing efforts with positive results

The Marketing Centre helps Surrey based dementia and residential care home, Huntington & Langham Estate grow and thrive.



Developed and implemented a marketing strategy that supported the vision for the business.  The strategy clarified Huntington & Langham Estates purpose, proposition and positioning in the care home industry, providing a strong basis to build the brand, the marketing plan and targeted activity upon. 

Content Marketing

Developed a content plan for the business, focusing on the content themes and key distribution channels. The plan and new refined messaging successfully resulted in

  • 70 Increase in web traffic
  • 169% in website enquiries
  • 30% in traffic from social channels
Digital Marketing

Successfully developed a new website based on the user journey and through digital advertising on Facebook and Google the business has been able to extend the reach of awareness from just being local to now cover a much broader catchment area including London.  The integration of a new automated nurture series, which used a high level of advocacy and loyalty based testimonials - also lead to the business reaching full capacity in one of its care homes. 

“Having the support of a part-time marketing director from The Marketing Centre has given me a completely new perspective on both our Business strategy and approach to Marketing.  For a fairly small investment we have gained an incredibly cost effective and time saving solution to Marketing, which has enabled me to sleep better at night, knowing I can focus on running the business.” 
Charlie Hoare, Managing Director

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