Case study

Jade Solutions: Professionalising the brand, aligning the solution set and helping with a management exit

Jade Solutions discusses how The Marketing Centre helped the business to professionalise its brand, align its solution set and help with an effective management exit. 


Jade Solutions supply IT solutions for transport, hospitality and retail, wanted to step up their marketing and do something different - but they weren’t sure where to start. 


We helped them review their marketing to highlight key marketing priorities like building a new website, bringing in a marketing team and launching a LinkedIn strategy. 



Implemented and updated all customer-facing marketing material, including the generation of a new people-focussed website that helped present a coordinated and aligned solution set. The development of this, together with a pro-active advertising and event strategy led to 2021 being the highest recorded revenue year in 20+ years.


Developed a complete social media strategy (LinkedIn) that took followers from less than 100 to +1000 over a 9 month period, onboarded all sales staff as active promotors (and content generators) and significantly increased awareness, impressions and engagement across the board.


Worked with the owners to position the company for sale, aligning and presenting the various key elements of the business in a concise and professional way, including explaining the unique recurring revenue customer journey that was a critical KPI for the business valuation. The business was successfully sold in December 2021.

"Everybody knows that you can go and get a part-time Finance Director…it’s a little known fact that you can do the same with Marketing Directors and get the quality of people like Andy that we were lucky to work with."
Mark Brackley, Managing Director

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