Case study

Sealpac: Bolstering marketing efforts to help drive business growth

Kevin Witheford from Sealpac UK discusses his experience of working with our part-time Marketing Director, Pete Jakob, over the course of 20 months.



Developed and implemented an integrated content strategy – this involved researching new customer contacts, appointing a new marketing agency and delivering a regular stream of relevant blog and video content via a monthly newsletter, supported by social media activity. Over the year the click rates improved steadily and prompted several new conversations with potential clients.


Implemented Hubspot to manage all pre-sale activity. From a sales perspective this meant that all sales activities (deals, emails & calls) were logged and tracked in the CRM, significantly increasing transparency and accountability. For marketing this allowed SEALPAC to be much more targeted and nimble in its marketing. Latterly the website was also migrated from a bespoke CMS to Hubspot allowing for a much easier management of the site by the team.


After around 20 months it became clear that what SEALPAC UK now needed was a more dedicated senior marketing resource – we were instrumental in defining the job specification for the role and assisting with the selection process and transition to the successful candidate in a seamless manner.

“To have the skillset of a proven senior marketer within the business has been a major benefit. It’s been a no brainer – the relationship has been strong from day one.” 
Kevin Witheford, Managing Director

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