Case study

Sigma: Building a brand and diversifying into new sectors

Sigma discusses how The Marketing Centre helped build its brand and redefine its marketing strategy, allowing it to communicate through defined channels.



Successfully created clarity on the strategic direction of the business with a new vision and mission together with a fit-for purpose set of organisational values. The strategic direction included developing a diversification strategy into new sectors to help reduce reliance on the retail sector which at that time was almost 100% of the client base.


Implemented Hubspot CRM that centralised the client database, provided full marketing communications and lead generation automation across social and email.


Completely rebuilt and repurposed the external and internal Sigma brand. Developed supportive collateral across the business and defined a content strategy that supported the proposition around being “experts” in their field.

Efforts of which have resulted in a marked increase across the leading KPI’s

  • Website traffic +137%
  • Social traffic +5,025%
  • Organic growth of database contacts +90%
  • PR +£50,000 of Advertising Value Equivalent (AVE)
"It’s been a pleasure having you on board over the last 18 months or so, I can say with certainty that you’ve delivered everything you promised and you’re leaving us with a fabulous brand."
Craig Bennett, CEO

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