GDPR Essentials for B2B Businesses

The Step-by-Step Guide to understanding the Regulation and keeping your team compliant

Thanks to GDPR, the way businesses collect, process and store data for marketing purposes – or any purposes – has changed. If your company processes the personal data of any EU citizen – anything that can be used to identify the person, even indirectly – GDPR must take centre stage in terms of the way you do business.

The shift shouldn’t inspire fear in businesses – instead, a sense of opportunity to do better marketing. In this eBook, we offer our no-nonsense guide to GDPR for UK B2B businesses, including information on email marketing, consent and legitimate interest.

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"GDPR needs legal advice; IT skills; marketing skills; HR involvement. There’s a whole set of people in an organisation that need to be brought together, and somebody needs to lead it."

Andy Hart, Regional Director, Freeman Clarke

In this step-by-step guide, you will learn:

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What is GDPR?


The GDPR challenge for B2B businesses.


How to understand ‘legitimate interest’ as a legal basis for B2B marketing.


How to understand ‘consent’ as a legal basis for B2B marketing Building.


How to build GDPR-compliant processes and systems into your business.

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