Marketing Theory
for Non-Marketers

The Step-by-Step Guide to everything you need to understand, build and improve your marketing strategy

Marketing strategy is underpinned by marketing theory. Understanding marketing theory helps you, as a business leader, to identify the areas of your marketing that need work. It helps you assess the marketing work your agencies, suppliers and staff are doing, and grasp whether what you’re spending on marketing is worth it.

In this guide will cover customer approach, the importance of branding, planning and approach; and execution. We will break down each of these areas and approach them theory by theory, looking into the hows and whys of market segmentation, customer retention, lead generation and sales alignment. We will show you how all these components fit together and work with each other to foster marketing success

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"Without effective marketing, businesses can’t grow. Without marketing theory, marketing can’t be effective."

The Marketing Centre

In this step-by-step guide, you will learn:

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What is marketing theory for non-marketers.


How to understand your customers.


The importance of branding.


How to plan your approach (ROI, Budgeting, Planning, Lead Generation, Sales alignment, Customer retention).


How to execute your plan (communication channels, data).

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