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The CEO's Guide to the Science of Pricing: How To Price Your Platypus

Understand the science and psychology of pricing and gain insights on how to increase your prices.

Most businesses have developed a product or service and there's just one thing left to do - price it. What price point do you choose? You don't want to look too cheap, nor do you want to price yourself out of the market.

If you've ever struggled with knowing what to charge, then it's time to get to grips with the science and psychology of pricing.

In this on-demand webinar our pricing expert Marketing Director, David Abbott will introduce you to a range of ideas on pricing decisions which can be implemented quickly and easily, and with almost no cost.

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What you can
expect to learn

In this webinar you will learn:

  • How customers make decisions about pricing.
  • One simple thing that will increase your average order value.
  • How to differentiate your business from your competition, so your customers no longer compare prices.
  • An easy change to your price that costs nothing and improves your negotiating position.
  • Why you might want to call your product The Super 2400.
  • How removing a zero can boost your price.


"David confidently engages audiences and delivers low-cost pricing ideas that can be implemented quickly. He explains the underlying science accessibly and brings the topic to life with real-world examples. You can rely on David to him to do this in a fun, memorable, and engaging way."

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David Abbott, Marketing Director, Yorkshire & Scotland. International pricing speaker and author of 'How to Price Your Platypus'

David Abbott is an international speaker who has held senior marketing roles in a wide variety of industries, helping audiences to discover simple ways to improve their pricing. After studying Engineering Science and Economics at Oxford he worked in marketing and business management and ran a £56m mail order company where pricing was crucial. Applying psychology research into consumer behaviour to business and marketing, and illustrating everything with real examples of marketing in action.

David works directly with businesses on their pricing, achieving dramatic improvements in profitability. Frequently gaining accolades such as ‘the best speaker we have ever had’, David uses his engaging style and infectious enthusiasm to introduce audiences to simple ways to present their prices in a way that makes higher prices stickier.

David Abbott


Tim Parrack, Regional Director, South East

With 30 years of global marketing experience. Tim has worked with industry leaders like C2000, Novell, Symantec, Kyocera, Cisco, and Xerox, as well as startups. Tim excels in diverse marketing aspects, from brand building to sales optimisation and growth. His greatest satisfaction comes from heartfelt appreciation received after contributing to a business's success.


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Understand the science and psychology of pricing and gain insights on how to increase your prices.