Welcome to the Marketing 360 Healthcheck. Find out how your business is performing in the key marketing areas.

Marketing 360 Healthcheck

Marketing is essentially the process of delivering enhanced value to a business; whether that’s increasing the number of leads, developing brand equity, or improving customer retention.

Strip away the jargon and it boils down to the following fundamentals:

Defining. Finding. Winning. Keeping.

With this online tool Marketing 360 Healthcheck, simply answer up to five questions to rate your business performance in each of our key marketing areas.

You’ll find a useful How do I Answer? information button to explain each question in more detail.

From your results, you will instantly receive a prioritised Action Summary, tailor-made for your business, including:

  • A summary of your answers
  • A synopsis of how well your marketing is functioning
  • Highlighted areas that need attention
  • Some suggested actions and advice for improvement

Come back and review this summary* at any time, using your individual access code, or email the report to yourself or others to edit, save, check on progress and update your answers.

*Relax – no attributable data is stored online

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