Case study

Arrow: Revitalising growth with strategic marketing

Robert Colver, Managing Director of Arrow, a UK industrial door solutions provider, shares his insights into how our collaboration allowed the business to get growth ready.


Arrow, a Huddersfield-based specialist manufacturer, supplier and installer of high-quality industrial door systems. The business operates nationally through their network of 12 regional business centres with Hull and Huddersfield being the main manufacturing sites.

The business was aspirational to grow and had relied on traditional business development tactics and black books to grow the business. Robert, who was appointed as MD in May 2021, realised that this was an outdated strategy and looked to The Marketing Centre to help him professionalise their approach to marketing and build a growth marketing function in the business.

The business had a marketing function, but one that viewed marketing through a tactical lens and not a strategic lens. Any tactical activities had been random acts of marketing, with some outbound email newsletters and industry advertising but without any strategy or insight into what mattered most to their target audience. Ged Leigh, one of our Regional Directors was brought in to oversee the building of a growth strategy and marketing function able to support the growth aspirations.


Ged began by completing an audit of the existing marketing function and getting a clear understanding of what success would look like for Robert. Very quickly an overarching strategy was developed and a program of activities and timeline were built with a budget and resource plan agreed.

The preliminary activities centred around building a new visual identity and website that would be the hub for a content strategy. The business had data hosted across multiple platforms (SAP, Mailchimp, HubSpot and Excel) that needed to be collated and cleaned before being used as a key component of the lead generation activities across email.

A content strategy was rolled out and lead generation campaigns were developed and implemented across email, via HubSpot and LinkedIn/Sales Navigator campaigns managed by the Account Management team.  A full training program was developed and delivered to the BDM’s and Account Managers that covered LinkedIn and Sales Navigator. Furthermore, regional marketing plans were drawn up to support regional requirements and opportunities.



Client Acquisition and Growth: Secured major blue-chip clients and established a robust pipeline, driving an impressive 18% year-one revenue increase. A 15% top-line growth budget for year 2 is set.


Diverse Lead Generation Channels: Achieved substantial results through various channels, including LinkedIn/Sales Nav (170K won and 122k quoted), website enquiries (17K won and 246K quoted), and newly launched email campaigns.


Enhanced Brand Identity and Customer Focus: Developed a distinctive visual identity, brand positioning, and value proposition. Defined Ideal Customer Profiles (ICPs), aligning marketing, business development, and account management. Executed a content strategy tailored to ICP preferences.

"Ged got us from A to B ten times faster than we could have done on our own. He's not just a consultant; he's part of the team, driving our digital marketing strategy and lead generation, making us well-placed for future opportunities."."
Robert Colver, Managing Director

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