Case study

Siddall & Hilton: building a marketing function to drive top-line profitable growth

Andy Dawson, Managing Director of Siddall & Hilton a Brighouse-based manufacturer, shares his insights into how our collaboration allowed the business to get growth ready.


Siddall & Hilton, a manufacturer of welded mesh panels into the fencing, industrial and construction industry, aspired to grow the business, but lacked any marketing function in the business. The business had a +100 year history and had operated very successfully with an existing customer base where they were well known. The issue was that outside of this customer base they were unknown and invisible and consequently had no pipeline of leads and projects and was overwhelmingly reliant on incoming enquiries from its existing customer relationships.

The business had never had any marketing function and any tactical activities had been random acts of marketing (actually advertising) that realised very little. Ged Leigh, one of our Regional Directors was brought in to oversee the building of a growth strategy and marketing function able to support the strategy.


Ged began by completing an audit of the existing commercial and marketing functions alongside our sister business, Kiss the Fish. The output from this audit was a strategy and plan that included the marketing, business development and account management requirements.

The starting point was to develop a clear brand and visual identity which was quickly followed with a new website, content strategy, customer satisfaction process and HubSpot implementation that integrated with their existing ERP system Microsoft Business Central. The cornerstone of the content strategy was an Insight report that outlined the primary economic indicators for the fencing industry which was a first in the industry and (at the time of writing) has already become a looked-for report by existing and prospective customers alike.



Enhanced Brand Identity and Value Proposition: Siddall & Hilton now boasts a distinct visual identity and a value proposition firmly rooted in their brand pillars, ensuring a consistent and compelling market presence.


Strategic Pipeline Visibility: The implementation of forward-looking pipeline visibility and reporting dashboards has revolutionised how senior and commercial teams perceive opportunities, resulting in heightened sales productivity and more accurate sales forecasting.


Comprehensive Digital Strategy: A holistic approach encompassing website redevelopment, CRM integration, and an effective content strategy has significantly increased engagement across social and email channels, with remarkable year-over-year metrics, including a 205% increase in website traffic and 226% growth in views.


Customer Satisfaction Insights: Introduction of Net Promoter Score (NPS) data has unearthed crucial areas for improvement. NPS has now become a core element of the executive KPI dashboard, underlining a commitment to delivering exceptional customer experiences.


Reimagining Marketing's Role: Siddall & Hilton has undergone a transformation in its perception of marketing, evolving from viewing it as mere advertising to recognising it as a vital driver of business growth and success.

"Ged has played a significant part in our transformation, we now truly understand the value of marketing. With a customer-focused and robust approach, we're confident in our future. We highly recommend The Marketing Centre for businesses seeking growth and transformation."
Andy Dawson, Managing Director

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