Case study

HPD Software: Creating a cohesive business development strategy

The Marketing Centre helps HPD Software to redefine their brand, their positioning and to generate sales.


  • Create a cohesive business development strategy to encompass all areas of the business.
  • Change the perspective of what ‘marketing’ truly needs to deliver to the business.
  • Design and implement a strong, results based lead generation strategy.

HPD 15



  • Full scale brand redefinition and updating the look and feel of all elements of the business, from logo design to the office reception and all printed collateral elements.
  • Refining website including creating more effective calls to action.
  • Setting relevant benchmarks to measure the impact of all marketing efforts, ensuring that the strategy is on target and delivering meaningful results for both sales and marketing teams.

HPD 111




A marked increase in web traffic, leads and ultimately sales.


The part-time Marketing Director is integrated completely into the management team, attending all management meetings and driving the strategy.


More effective campaigns with content customised per geographic region.

"This is exactly what we needed. This guy really knows what he is talking about. We’ve embraced him literally as our director; our marketing director. He comes to all our management meetings, and drives our overall marketing strategy very effectively."
Kevin Day, Chief Operations Director, HPD Software Limited

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