Case study

Radleys: Using a Strategy Waterfall to focus marketing activities to achieve company goals

The Marketing Centre helps scientific equipment supplier, Radleys to align marketing activity with business strategy achieving great results.


Radleys manufactures high-quality chemistry equipment by hand here in the UK. They had a great team and had invested in solid marketing technology. However, they were struggling to connect their day-to-day marketing activities with their business goals. Also most of their business is international so it was important to bring together their marketing activities and the work of their international partners.


Using a Strategy Waterfall process we produced a “plan on a page” then built a detailed implementation plan into a Marketing dashboard. Using all the existing skillsets and developing the use of the CRM system Radleys moved to a campaign focus, engaging and educating their distributors with the campaign process and material, building genuinely productive marketing relationships. Explicit research into customer needs and applications added clarify and relevance to the marketing materials.



Our ‘Strategy Waterfall’ helped them zero in on the strategy that would help them achieve their goals and turn that strategy into a solid action plan. 


In the first 8 months, the contact database has doubled in quality and grown by 13% The number of inbound new opportunities has more than doubled and international distributor marketing activity has increased by 100%.

"Working with The Marketing Centre has definitely transformed our business. The added value that they are giving me is way above the marketing director I could afford to have."
Mark Radley, Managing Director

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