Case study

Unigloves: How we drove revenue growth and increased brand awareness

The Marketing Centre helps Unigloves to address issues they have had with stagnant revenue streams and to break into possible new markets.

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  • A weakness in the existing sales approach that was holding back the company's profitable development. 
  • The two-person sales team was occupied with getting in orders, and not focused on looking beyond sales into more efficient and profitable strategies centred on customer need.
  • Product pricing was inconsistent, products were not clearly differentiated in terms of use and packaging, and stock levels were not balanced with requirements.




  • Created differentiated positioning revolving around Unigloves' responsive strength as both supplier and manufacturer of its product. 
  • Segmented the end-customer base by industry, and adjusted the sales/marketing approach to the size and type of each customer. 
  • Industry-specific product ranges were defined, together with the industry-specific packaging.
  • A long-term commitment-based, discount strategy and pricing policy was implemented. 





Recruited a new, full-time marketing communications manager to join the company in August 2015 and work with the sales division on prioritising bulk sales in target sectors.


The new manager now works alongside the Marketing Centre's part-time Marketing Director.


Specialist software has been specified to enable management of all outgoing messages and presence on social media.


Two PR agencies were appointed to sow the seeds of positive stories, helping to raise brand awareness and support the sales team by positioning Unigloves in dental and catering, two target sectors.

"I am accustomed to working with highly qualified, experienced professionals. However, at a company as relatively small as Unigloves a full-time marketing strategist at that level was beyond its need or means – but in Robert, and now Malcolm, we had the ideal part-time solution, expertise we could afford."
Chris Wahlers, Director, Unigloves

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