Clare Methven

Clare Methven

Role: Founder

A background in both agency and in-house marketing roles with a strength in positioning, brand, public relations and the written word. 

Fifteen years of running an integrated agency and leading client-facing teams has given her a clear view of the frustrations felt by small and mid-size business owners about marketing and how fragmented their approach can be, and how much there is for them to gain by opening themselves up to a professional strategic marketing approach. Hence the formation of The Marketing Centre which gives business owners a means of getting access to these skills and the experience needed to make this happen, on an affordable part-time basis.


The Marketing Centre
Co-Founder and MD

Phoenix plc
Integrated agency, 85 strong team, with clients across property, construction products and services, financial services, and travel

Countryside Residential
RIBA award winning residential house builder

Residential and commercial property developers

Grayling PR
Major London based public relations agency

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