Ged Leigh

Role: Regional Director
Region: Yorkshire and Scotland

Ged is an accomplished B2B Marketing Director with over 25 years’ experience in senior roles at Private Equity backed and SME companies across a breadth of markets including technical textiles, structural steel, construction & fit-out, engineering, geotechnical, waste management and paper. 

He is an expert in all things LinkedIn, as well as being a skilled practitioner in creating marketing strategies which transform how a business attracts, retains and engages customers across national and international markets.  A proven skill set that includes brand development and implementation, CRM implementation and automation, multi-channel communications, product and innovation management with extensive digital experience that covers websites, social management, lead generation and online advertising to drive traffic and sales conversion. 


Part-Time highlights include:
Multiple CRM (HubSpot, Pipedrive, Salesforce) implementations that drove the lead gen activities and massively ramped up Marketing Qualified Leads (MQL’s)
Implementation of inbound strategies across multiple sectors that have driven up to x5 inbound MQL’s
Rebrand and diversification strategy that helped the business grow significantly over a 2 year period
A detailed export marketing strategy and supporting tactical marketing and communications plan in a technical textile manufacturer that opened new markets and enabled x1.6 top line growth within 2 years
Full rebrand, new website, rebuild of internal CRM, Key Account Management implementation, lead generation machine (email, LinkedIn). Mentor to new marketing exec. Company grown from circa £20m t/o to £30m in 2 years.

Previous full-time (Managing Director) highlights include:
Implemented Six Sigma and Lean programmes in key process that reduced the cost of quality (-16%) & increased productivity (+9%).
Restructured and downsized a unionised site that reduced direct labour cost by 15%, without any loss in productivity.
Implemented annualised/flexible working system that reduced over-time by 9%.

Previous full-time (Product Director) highlights include:
Defined and implemented an international marketing plan that grew sales annually by more than 6% (ahead of the market) over a three year period.
Executed a one-brand strategy across multiple sites that reduced costs by €500k/annum.
Co-inventor of patented product (EP2067895 B1).
Central role in implementing Stage-Gate® methodology that reduced time to market by 25%.
Executed the development, application and introduction of new products with more than €25 million sales since launch.

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