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Ged Leigh

Role: Regional Director
Region: Yorkshire and Scotland

Ged is an accomplished B2B Marketing Director with over 25 years’ experience in senior roles at Private Equity backed and SME companies across a breadth of markets including technical textiles, structural steel, construction & fit-out, engineering, geotechnical, waste management and paper. 

He is an expert in all things LinkedIn, as well as being a skilled practitioner in creating marketing strategies which transform how a business attracts, retains and engages customers across national and international markets.  A proven skill set that includes brand development and implementation, CRM implementation and automation, multi-channel communications, product and innovation management with extensive digital experience that covers websites, social management, lead generation and online advertising to drive traffic and sales conversion. 


Part-Time highlights include:
Re-branding and communication strategy of an existing product portfolio of an international B2B manufacturer.
A detailed export marketing strategy and supporting tactical marketing and communications plan in a technical textile manufacturer.
Introduction of best practice NPD methodology (Stage Gate™) and re-definition of product portfolio.
Implementation of best practice product management methodology.
Re-branding, content and communication strategy with CRM implementation and automation at Sigma.

Previous full-time (Managing Director) highlights include:
Implemented Six Sigma and Lean programmes in key process that reduced the cost of quality (-16%) & increased productivity (+9%).
Restructured and downsized a unionised site that reduced direct labour cost by 15%, without any loss in productivity.
Implemented annualised/flexible working system that reduced over-time by 9%.

Previous full-time (Product Director) highlights include:
Defined and implemented an international marketing plan that grew sales annually by more than 6% (ahead of the market) over a three year period.
Executed a one-brand strategy across multiple sites that reduced costs by €500k/annum.
Co-inventor of patented product (EP2067895 B1).
Central role in implementing Stage-Gate® methodology that reduced time to market by 25%.
Executed the development, application and introduction of new products with more than €25 million sales since launch.

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