Hari Farzin

Hari Farzin

Role: Marketing Director
Region: Yorkshire and Scotland

Hari is a dynamic digital and marketing director with over 25 years’ experience in helping companies grow.

Working with both B2B and consumer brands, Hari has spent the last decade working with small to mid-sized businesses delivering a blend of strategy, mentoring and coaching.

From the start-up looking to establish proof of concept, to the company looking to expand globally with a 3-year exit plan, Hari delivers creative plans with measurable results. Her breadth of sector experience includes SaaS, online gaming and gambling, telecommunications, leisure, hospitality, media, fleet and construction.


ResDiary (B2B SaaS)

Grew company globally to prepare for sale. Board member, rebranded company, launched numerous digital products and services (portal, app, and software), recruited and led marketing and partnerships team.

Di Maggio’s Group (largest restaurant group in Scotland)

A relationship spanning over 10 years. Recently worked on a CRM and loyalty project to create a single view of customers across several brands.

Ogilvie Group (family-owned business across multiple B2B markets)

Rebrand and delivery of all updated assets; marketing and strategic input over 4 years.

Scottish Television

Identified new revenue streams and partnerships (bingo, casino, and dating) resulting in 30% of divisional revenues in year 1 (c. £1m). Delivered marketing strategy to attract younger demographic, including a rebrand and digital initiatives, generating 15% uplift.

Equator (largest digital agency in Scotland)

Created and managed a new digital marketing division which accounted for 10% of total company revenue in the first year serving companies like Butlins, Haven, Accor Hotels, easyMobile, and easyCruise.

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