Michael Mocatta

Michael Mocatta

Role: Marketing Director
Region: London

Michael blends corporate, SME and startup expertise to achieve strong marketing and growth outcomes. 

In corporate life, Michael was typically trusted with high-profile, can’t-mess-up marketing projects in consumer financial services (Aviva and Lloyds Bank), telecoms (Virgin Media), and energy (Ovo Energy). 

Typical projects included innovation, go-to-market planning and delivery for new products or services, and leading customer acquisition and retention campaigns. In 2014, Michael founded a B2B SaaS business. Since his exit in 2017, he’s helped SME owners with a strategic growth projects or marketing crisis management. Projects have included launching new products/business lines, brand strategy and designing and leading online customer acquisition campaigns.


iCAAD conference

iCAAD is a leading mental health conference, which undertook a rapid pivot on-line early in the 2020 lockdown. Michael developed iCAAD’s customer acquisition strategy and led delivery through an in-house team which he enhanced with key external expertise. Michael pushed the cost of acquiring a customer down by 66% and, by redesigning the pricing strategy and launching new cross-sale and on-sale products, boosted average revenue per customer / lifetime value by over 100%.


Wethaq is a fintech firm building blockchain (distributed ledger) corporate debt issuance solution for emerging markets. Michael worked with Wethaq’s Chief Strategy Officer to develop and lead the evolution of the brand over time, to launch Wethaq’s first website and to implement a content strategy.

Flower Station

Flower Station is a North London B2C florist with a vision for multiple B2C and B2B product lines. Michael is helping the CEO to build general growth capabilities by implementing CRM and developing a B2B sales proposition (product, pricing and service promises) and a go-to-market plan.

SaaS tech startup

Michael has co-founded and run a SaaS eCommerce Productivity app business, leading fundraising, brand and sales. Michael raised £650k in seed investment and exited in 2016.

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