Pete Jakob

Pete Jakob

Role: Marketing Director
Region: Southern Counties

Pete is our central Marketing Director for The Marketing Centre - leading the small team responsible for all our demand generation and communications.

He is an expert at marketing systems, data and processes, and helps clients transform their strategies for generating demand.  

His success is based on a broad skillset, an analytical approach and a collaborative style. 

Pete’s background has included senior roles at IBM (30 years) including leading the deployment of Marketing Automation and managing the demand generation function for the UK. Since leaving in 2012 he has worked as part time marketing director or consultant on several projects both in technology and beyond – from startups to global multinationals.  His recent part-time portfolio includes industries as diverse as manufacturing software, food packaging and wealth management.



Highlights over a 30 year career included leading the successful deployment of Marketing Automation (increased marketing contribution to sales pipeline by 75%), heading up the 25-strong software marketing team (drove 25% YoY increase in revenue from marketing leads), and leading the Advertising function (led major ITV broadcast sponsorship of 2011 Rugby World Cup)


18 month project to help global mobile infrastructure provider move from a product –led to a customer-centric marketing approach, including establishing KPIs with sales and deploying Marketing Automation


Led project for educate and incentivise sales team for card offerings for small and medium businesses across Europe including award-nominated gamification app for sales competition. Over 12 months the sales performance went from “problem-child” to significant over-achiever.


Overhauled Demand Generation strategy to shift the focus from outbound email campaigns to Inbound strategy anchored in PPC, compelling content and best-practice use of tele nurturing

ILX Group
Lead projects around Contact Data cleansing, Corporate Website redesign, Digital Marketing Process optimisation and mentoring of permanent staff.

Sealpac UK
Currently leading development of marketing plan including contact data overhaul and a full inbound lead generation strategy including content development, social outreach and nurturing.

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