Live Webinar

Unlock Success: The CEO's Guide to Building a Winning SME Marketing Team  

Strategies for Structuring and Staffing Your Marketing Team for Success 

Date: Wednesday 12th June, 10am

Learn proven strategies and practical insights to overcome common staffing challenges and build a high-performing marketing team that drives success for your small to medium sized business.

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What you can expect to learn

  1. Discover the common pitfalls faced by SMEs when it comes to structuring their marketing teams effectively.  

  2. Understand the importance of assessing your specific marketing needs before making staffing decisions.  

  3. Explore practical tips and strategies for building a winning marketing team within your SME budget.

  4. Discover the pros and cons of utilising consultants, part-time resources, and different seniority levels.  

  5. Learn considerations when recruiting marketing leaders, specialists, and agencies to ensure you make informed staffing decisions that support your business growth. 

  6. Assess your current marketing team structure and make informed decisions to unlock your business's growth potential. 

Don't miss this opportunity to gain the knowledge and strategies needed to build a winning SME marketing team. 



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Guest Speakers

Pete Jakob1

Pete Jakob

Pete is our central Marketing Director for The Marketing Centre - leading the small team responsible for all our demand generation and communications.

He is an expert at marketing systems, data and processes, and helps clients transform their strategies for generating demand.  

Hubspot sally shuttleworth-1

Sally Shuttleworth

Sally is the Regional Director for Wales and the West Country, as well as Founder of The Marketing Centre South Africa.

Sally’s career has spanned over 20 of years working both in marketing/advertising agencies as well as growing and running her own successful businesses. She has been involved in all elements of marketing and sales across a wide range of industries and business sizes.