Case study

ADS Laser Cutting: Understanding marketing metrics fuels growth for UK SME

The Marketing Centre helps ADS Laser Cutting to overcome marketing challenges and drive successful outcomes. 


ADS Laser Cutting is a UK-based SME with an annual turnover of £11m. Despite experiencing 20% year-on-year growth, the company knew that it needed to take its marketing more seriously if it wanted to become a market leader. The founders of ADS Laser Cutting brought in The Marketing Centre to help with the company's marketing strategy and to get better visibility of their sales pipeline. Tony Galloni, one of our proven Marketing Directors, was tasked with helping the business get a better handle on its marketing metrics and return on investment (ROI).


Tony started by working with the company on a part-time basis in 2019 and helped the company to get clarity on why they needed to measure their marketing and what they hoped to achieve. He then built a metrics framework to measure the impact of marketing campaigns and understand what channels and tactics worked best. Using metrics tools such as Google Analytics and Hubspot, Tony was able to develop dashboards that showed all of ADS Laser's marketing activity and calculate the return on marketing investment.



Customer value: The average value of a customer was rising, and the company was able to modify its sales approach to look for bigger opportunities and grow its largest customers.


Increased sales: As a result of their improved marketing efforts, ADS Laser saw an increase in sales and revenue of 67%. Tony's expertise in marketing analytics allowed them to track and measure the success of their campaigns, ensuring they were always focused on the areas that had the greatest impact.


Better customer engagement: Tony also helped ADS Laser to build stronger relationships with their customers by creating and executing customer engagement programs. This helped to build trust and loyalty, leading to increased customer satisfaction and repeat business.


The partnership between Liberti Partners, the CFO Centre, and The Marketing Centre played a crucial role in supporting ADS Laser. Julian Pollard, who served as the CFO and was already embedded in the business, helped to quickly bring up to speed our experienced Marketing Director, Tony Galloni, with the challenges faced by the company. Julian and Tony collaborated effectively, complementing each other's thinking and plans alongside the two MDs/Co-Founders. Together, they were able to generate ideas more quickly to drive the business forward. Having both Julian and Tony on-site at ADS Laser provided them with a better understanding of the company's needs and helped them identify areas where other assistance from other members of the Liberti Group could be brought in.

"We have definitely seen the benefit of introducing metrics to the business. It has greatly enhanced decision making not only in sales and marketing, but in the business more widely."
Duncan Keates, Managing Director

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