Case Study

Gaina: Delivering 20% Growth & Marketing Transformation

Gaina, a Belfast-based software provider, conquered lead generation and brand awareness hurdles with the help of our Marketing Director, Hannah Poulton. Kealan Curran, Managing Director of Gaina Software, shares his insights into how our collaboration led to a remarkable 20% growth in their business.



Gaina Software is a Belfast-based software provider for the drinks and FMCG wholesale market in the UK and Ireland, providing ERP, bonded warehouse and warehouse management systems. Despite having long and healthy relationships with a number of Ireland’s biggest wholesalers, Gaina did not have a pipeline of leads and was reliant on selling more to its existing customer relationships in order to remain profitable. Gaina had tried some marketing activities via a junior marketing hire, but these had failed and caused frustration and cynicism around whether marketing was actually worth the investment. Hannah Poulton, one of our marketing directors, was brought in to help Gaina grow its pipeline, develop brand awareness amongst its target market outside Ireland and win ‘new logo’ business, rather than continuing to rely on diminishing ‘back to base’ sales.


Hannah started working with the company to understand their target market and how they can help solve these business’s pain points and challenges. By developing a clear brand positioning for Gaina, she was able to create a marketing strategy that focused on targeting the right businesses with the right messaging through a mix of channels that would actually reach them. She also helped Gaina to engage with the right specialist marketing agencies where needed – giving them clear briefs, holding them accountable and ensuring that Gaina were getting value for money.



Clarity of brand positioning: Gaina is clear on what it stands for and what its unique selling points are when compared with its competitors. This has helped with effective targeting: only marketing to businesses where Gaina’s USP will appeal.
Growth in pipeline: The sales pipeline has gone from zero to looking healthy, with multiple leads at different stages. Even where these have not resulted in Sales, there have been useful learnings that have helped shape the future strategy.
New logo sales: As a result of marketing efforts, there have been several significant new logo deals signed, including outside Ireland – hitting Gaina’s objective of tapping into the wider UK market. In the first year, Gaina experienced 20% growth thanks to these deals.
Restored faith in marketing: The perception of marketing in the business has been turned around from it being something that doesn’t work, is ‘fluffy’ or a distraction to something that is pivotal to the growth and success of the business.
Our marketing maturity level as a business has grown massively over the past two years, and that wouldn't have been possible without The Marketing Centre.
I fear if we hadn't invested with The Marketing Centre, we probably would have repeated the same mistakes that we've made in the past.

Kealan Curran, Managing Director

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