Case study

Joloda: By upgrading their marketing this materials handling manufacturer tripled its website leads

Michele Dematteis, CEO of Joloda Hydraroll, the global leader in manufacture & installation of loading & unloading solutions, shares his experience working with a Part-Time Marketing Director and why marketing is a 'must'. 


The company wasn’t able to measure its marketing performance or track leads through the marketing funnel. The branding was also outdated and the website wasn’t converting visitors. 


Proven Marketing Director, Fiona Bowyer made a new marketing plan that convinced the team to address these problems to create a more sophisticated and effective marketing and sales process.


Putting the right technology, people and skills in place
Before Fiona started working with the business, staff would input marketing and sales data into spreadsheets to be held in a central location. Yet the two offices—one in Liverpool and the other in the Netherlands — used different servers, meaning there could be no central record of sales and marketing performance. Fiona suggested they install a modern, unified CRM (customer relationship management) system. Once the CRM was installed, she trained the sales team and marketing manager to use it, and set about linking the marketing activity directly into the CRM so that lead capture from the website went straight into the system. 

Refreshing their branding

Issues were identified around the company's branding. It was outdated, didn’t feel professional and was being used inconsistently. With Fiona's help an appointed branding agency supported the development of a brand proposition & positioning delivering a new logo, and guidelines around tone of voice & imagery for the business. 




Updating the company’s website

With a more modern CRM and updated brand in place, the company was ready to update their website so that leads could be generated and bought into the funnel more effectively. By simply making the website work harder with new content sections and more contact forms across the site, Joloda quickly saw the results of their efforts with new leads more than tripling, going from an average of 9 to 29 leads per month. 




I used to think of marketing as a cost and a drain on the business…actually when you breakdown the cost to the number of leads and the number of orders you wouldn’t have had, the cost doesn’t come into it! I’ve ditched the marketing as a cost drain to marketing as a must!”
Michele Dematteis, CEO

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