Julie Brook

Role: Regional Director
Region: North West

Experienced Marketing Director with a demonstrable track record in delivering ground breaking strategies and profitable results in large to small organisations.

Over 27 years in marketing, creating new and developing existing branded or service offers and growth strategies in B2B and B2C organisations in brewing, drinks, food, hospitality, licensed retail and on-line retail. 

Committed to helping SME’s grow, Julie headed up the marketing for The North West  £185m debt/equity fund aimed at bridging the growth funding gap for SME’s in the North West of England during the recession. As a Regional Director with us she manages our team of Marketing Directors driving growth in ambitious businesses across the North West of England.


The North West Fund

Led the communications for the fund and 6 fund managers to achieved target awareness, positioning and massive uptake. PR campaign shortlisted for national award.

RHM Foods

Produced 2 TV ads and extensive media coverage for “Bisto Kids of the Year” and “Bisto Kids Wonderful World of Nature” (supported by David Bellamy) resulting in positive image shifts and increased brand profitability.

Bass PLC

National launch for Lamot Pils with full TV and promotions campaign. Gained rapid distribution, 70% brand awareness and 8% of UK Pils lager market in year 1.


Led marketing for Pubs and Restaurants including Millers Kitchen; Squares; Greenall’s Inns; Via Fossa; Henry’s Café Bars; Red Rose Inns; Hungry Man etc. Managed the brand team, brand plans, input to investment decisions and new openings. Strategic review of brands, pioneered a multidisciplinary team approach to drive brand innovation and growth.

Yates's Wine Lodges

Reviewed strategy, introduced visual impact menus and food service guarantees to achieve a 30% increase in annual food sales. Managed team of 17, launched ground breaking price/value pledge that gained national media coverage, supplier funded estate wide band tours and innovative promotions. Yates’s became most visited pub brand and won pub brand of the year.

HPJ Jewellers

Turnaround strategy. Rationalised range, identified value proposition, launched new product and store brands and online offers to stem decline in 80 shop chain.

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