10 February 2016

Get To Know Selina Noton, B2B Marketing Expert

Written by Selina Noton

Selina Noton works typically in B2B businesses, specialising in strategic marketing plans that help meet business objectives and plan for future growth.

1. Who are you?

I’m Selina Noton and I’m a senior level marketer with over 20 years’ experience, typically in B2B environments.  I started my career at Volvo as a junior marketing executive after I left university. Since then, I’ve worked my way up through the ranks of Volvo and other blue chip organisations including Textron and Fluke to hold Board level marketing positions. I do still remember making coffee in the early days and very much value experience as well as qualifications!

2. What do you specialise in?

I help companies to increase revenue, improve profit margins, develop strong value propositions and augment brand awareness. I do this by working with senior management teams in their offices where I can then better understand the challenges and opportunities they are facing. I create and implement strategic marketing plans which help meet business objectives and plan for future growth.

3. Tell us about a "typical day" in the office

My typical day will depend on whether I’m working in my own office or on-site with a client. When I’m office based I tend to be on my own at my desk researching industry sectors, looking at statistics and analysing trends. When I’m with clients I tend to be in face-to-face meetings either asking questions and understanding how the company operates or, managing and implementing the changes I have suggested after initial consultation and research periods.

4. What do you like most about your job?

I love working with family businesses. There is always a fascinating dynamic between the different generations and it’s especially interesting when there is rivalry between siblings. Sometimes I can feel like a United Nations peace-keeper!

5. What approach do you take to help your clients?

I’m naturally an open and honest person, so that’s the approach I take with clients. Sometimes I have to tell them things I know they won’t want to hear, but, it’s better to be honest, tackle the issue in hand, deal with it, find a solution and then everyone can move forward.

6. Are there any common marketing pitfalls that you see?

One common pitfall is that companies don’t know how to measure their marketing, so they don’t even try! This means no-one within the business can say whether campaigns are truly successful and producing a worthy return on investment.

7. What exciting shifts in marketing did you witness in 2015?

During 2015, the Internet of Things became real for mainstream consumers, rather than something marketing and techy geeks evangelised about. The general public embraced wearable tech, even my mother-in-law has a Fitbit! I think this showed us all how wearable devices really have the potential to become as common as smartphones in the near future. Before long your watch will be telling you, your fridge needs cleaning out!

8. What excites you most about 2016?

I think virtual reality will gain popularity during 2016. The ‘right here, right now’ consumer attitude will push ecommerce into using cutting edge technologies, such as Oculus Rift, (a consumer targeted virtual reality headset) or Microsoft’s holographic technology Hololens, which both go on sale in 2016. These will give consumers the ability to virtually interact with an item before choosing to buy.

9. Are there any brands or organisations that you think are marketing particularly well?

I love what Marriott Hotels is doing with its mobile app. It’s simple but so useful. Basically, the app allows users to check in to their hotel any time after 4 pm the day before their arrival and can pick up their pre-programmed key-card at special mobile check-in desks. If guests arrive before their room is available, the app will send them an automatic notification when their room is ready. So useful when you’ve been travelling or at an event all day and can’t face a long wait to check in to your hotel! There are always consumer brands that catch my eye too, Bear Nibbles, the children’s healthy snack producer is one at the moment. They’re using a ‘top trumps’ style of collecting: cards are found in snack packs and children collect and swap cards and put stickers in a collector’s book. It’s going back to traditional old school marketing methods that we know work. I love that!

10. Are there any websites, books, or training sessions you'd recommend that have been helpful to you and why?

A good number of years ago I was given a copy of a booked called ‘Brand Asset Management’ by Scott M. Davis. It’s a great step-by-step guide to brand development which helps marketers see brands as not just another tactic but a vehicle for company growth. I have referred back to it on a number of occasions and still have a tattered copy on my office bookshelf.

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