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    14 ways to tell whether your customers love you
    21 June 2019

    14 ways to tell whether your customers love you

    Keeping hold of customers is cheaper than acquiring new ones. So what are the KPIs and metrics to...

    29 March 2019

    How Marketing Builds Future Exit Value

    Marketing can show buyers that your business is worth more than the competition's - and is...

    Writing on the wall - How to turn your business’ values and vision from words to action
    28 February 2019

    How To Turn Your Business' Vision From Words To Action

    Change doesn't come from setting a new company vision, but from how it's on boarded and implemented.

    Selling your business - How marketing builds value. Part 5 - Brand
    16 January 2019

    How Brand Value You Will Help You Sell Your Business

    Brand value is the hidden deal maker in business negotiations. If you're getting ready to sell,...

    Brand building
    9 November 2018

    Brand Building: What's It All About?

    Brand building has to start internally, and it has to start at the top of the business. So ask...

    7 November 2018

    How building an employee brand can help selling your business

    Your employees and their perception of your business are hard to put a cash price on, but they can...

    Getting ready for Brexit - Looking after your customers
    19 September 2018

    Getting Ready For Brexit: Looking After Your Customers

    Deal or no deal, Brexit will shake up marketplaces - but keeping customers front and centre will...

    Mock-up_Marketing Theory for Non-Marketers-1
    4 July 2018

    Marketing Theory For Non-Marketers

    If you're brand new to marketing, here's all you need to know about marketing theory.

    Slipping on banana skin
    27 February 2018

    Don’t slip up: 5 big brand mistakes all business owners make

    Not knowing the difference between re-positioning and re-branding and the other big brand mistakes...