11 January 2017

The Marketing Bookclub, January 2017

The Marketing Bookclub, January 2017 – By Christine Moses

‘Getting Goosebumps: a pragmatic guide to effective inbound marketing’ by Bryan Adams & David Hazelhurst of Ph. Creative

Why have you chosen Getting Goosebumps?
Marketing today is hard. The traditional approach of buying ads and email lists and praying for sales is long gone. Where previously we used to expect a 10% click-through rate for our display ads, we’d be lucky today to get 0.10%.As channels multiply, it’s increasingly difficult to build awareness and connect with audiences. And with options to unsubscribe from marketing communications or to turn off ads, it’s easier than ever for consumers to block or simply ignore our marketing.

To get prospective buyers to listen, we have to communicate on their pain points and offer some real and tangible value.

In Getting Goosebumps, Inbound marketing is described by the authors as a philosophy: a mindset that puts your audience first; an approach that focuses on pulling the customers in, rather than pushing your sales message out.

The book breaks down the different tactics and channels marketers need to create a winning digital strategy. And it’s written in layman’s terms, so it’s an easy, digestible read for marketing novices and experts alike.

What will business owners gain from the book?

Most businesses ‘do’ some form of inbound marketing, producing materials for prospective customers to find including blogs, videos, webinars and tweets. The effectiveness of this activity is often limited, however. Why? Because most businesses fail to plan from the start. They do not know what success looks like and have not identified how the activity will support the business objective.   

This books takes the reader through the process necessary to build a solid online presence. It starts with the strategy: defining objectives, KPIs, understanding the target audience before progressing to tactics and measuring effectiveness. Each chapter comes with examples, worksheets, tools, recommended further readings and additional resources available online.  

There is a section on how to create effective communications to connect with audiences and elicit the desired action. The authors argue that crafting a story that creates Goosebumps. That is, a story that captures the interest of audience because it’s relevant to them is the difference between being remembered or instantly forgotten. Exploring techniques used by Hollywood, comedians and great leaders, they share tips that can help craft compelling stories for business.  

The authors – Bryan Adams and David Hazlehurst, partners at Ph. Creative – warn that there is no definitive formula for success. It is up to us, marketers and business leaders, to keep up with the needs and wants of our audience. They also remind us that digital channels are constantly evolving so keeping your fingers on the pulse, and embracing change, will help you remain relevant to your audience.


If readers enjoy this book, which other book would you recommend?

The next book on my reading list is Contagious, How to Build Word of Mouth in the Digital Age by Jonah Berger. It looks at those factors that contribute to certain products and ideas being talked about more than others.


Christine Moses is a part-time marketing director for The Marketing Centre. Working with businesses in the UK South East, Christine is a strategic and result-driven marketer passionate about delivering impact and growth. With over 15 years’ managing all aspects of marketing for blue-chip brands, Christine has experience in strategic planning, branding, marketing communication and stakeholder engagement, launching new products, leading teams and delivering strategic initiatives in complex environments. Christine is a member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM), and is also a fluent French speaker.



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