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7 February 2024

Brand differentiation: how smart B2B SMEs build powerful brands

Brand differentiation is often misunderstood and overlooked. We caught up with two of our Marketing...

8 January 2024

Lead generation vs brand awareness: why winning businesses invest in both

There’s more to marketing than lead generation. Building a great brand can positively impact...

26 August 2022

What is a customer persona - and does your business really need one?

Most customer personas are useless, but yours doesn’t have to be. Here’s how to avoid making the...

12 August 2019

How to measure brand awareness

Find out why measuring brand awareness is important and how to choose the right metrics..

29 March 2019

How Marketing Builds Future Exit Value

Marketing can show buyers that your business is worth more than the competition's - and is...

Writing on the wall - How to turn your business’ values and vision from words to action
28 February 2019

How To Turn Your Business' Vision From Words To Action

Change doesn't come from setting a new company vision, but from how it's on boarded and implemented.

Selling your business - How marketing builds value. Part 5 - Brand
16 January 2019

How Brand Value Will Help You Sell Your Business

Brand value is the hidden deal maker in business negotiations. If you're getting ready to sell,...

Brand building
9 November 2018

Brand Building: What's It All About?

Brand building has to start internally, and it has to start at the top of the business. So ask...

7 November 2018

How building an employee brand can help selling your business

Your employees and their perception of your business are hard to put a cash price on, but they can...

Helpful Resources

Band proposition MM report stat

Marketing Maturity in 2024: More than half of UK SMEs are marketing in the dark

Just 52% of UK businesses believe they have a clear brand proposition, find out more about this and other enlightening stats in our latest report.  


A Step-by-Step Guide to Developing and Maintaining Your Brand

In this guide, we’ll lead you through the basics of building your brand - what it is and why it matters. We’ll show you how to establish your current brand values and implement a vision that changes them.


Webinar: Proven ways to use your brand to attract and retain the right customers

Watch this 30 minute webinar and hear from our brand expert Marketing Director, Chris Burton as he gives some top insights into how to refocus and develop the experience your brand offers. 


Try our useful assessment tool to benchmark your progress

The Marketing 360 Framework laptop mockupMarketing 360 Assessment

Kickstart your marketing journey with our Marketing 360 Assessment, a key tool for strategic planning in business growth and success. When you complete the assessment, you'll receive a personalised report highlighting strengths and areas for improvement. The recommendations provided are not just generic advice; they are actionable insights that can be implemented to enhance your marketing strategies and help grow your business.

Customer Success Stories


18 September 2023

Gaina: Delivering 20% Growth & Marketing Transformation

Discover how Gaina Software achieved 20% business growth with our marketing expertise.

29 November 2023

Siddall & Hilton: building a marketing function to drive top-line profitable growth

Siddall & Hilton's transformation journey: Building a marketing function for top-line growth....

Consumables Solutions Customer Testimonial
18 May 2023

Consumables Solutions: Reigniting the brand and attracting more customers

Learn how Consumable Solutions, partnered with The Marketing Centre to revamp their brand image,...

Arrow Industrial
1 February 2024

Arrow: Revitalising growth with strategic marketing

Arrow, the UK's leading industrial door provider, achieved double digit growth. Learn how we...

7 July 2022

Jade Solutions: Professionalising the brand, aligning the solution set and helping with a management exit

Jade Solutions: The Marketing Centre's role in branding, solution alignment, and management exit...

14 March 2019

Blueleaf: Support with merger integration and rebrand

The Marketing Centre helps newly merged specialist care partner Blueleaf, develop a strong brand...

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